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16,170 Juiceboxes

31 May

“This is officially the most juiceboxes I’ve ever seen donated.” Said Becky, one of the great volunteers at Kids Food Basket as OSTers filled pallet after pallet full of juices. Kids Food Basket volunteers unloading pallets full of juiceboxes

Two weeks ago, our community outreach program initiated the juicebox drive as an internal competition between departments. With true winning spirit mixed with a bit of competitive banter, our employees collected a whopping 16,170 juices for kids in underprivileged West Michigan school districts!

Read on for the official standings:

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30 Mar

EPIC Award finalist

It seems as though everybody is throwing around the word epic, to the point that some have even banished it for overuse! Google-ing the four-letter adjective yields searches of ‘epic fail’, ‘epic games’, ‘epic healthcare’ and ‘epic 4g’, but nowhere in the top few pages can you find an entry for ‘epic companies.’ For OST, Epic means 2 things: our healthcare technology services and the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce E.P.I.C. award, which stands for Entrepreneurial, Progressive, Innovative and Collaborative.  This year, we are greatly honored to announce that Open Systems Technologies is a finalist in the Excellence in Business category. What does it take to win an EPIC award? An answer from the GRACC:

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