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Vice Presidential Lemonade Stand

1 Feb

At approximately 10:06am this morning, CEO Dan Behm burst into a marketing meeting with an important announcement. The Vice President of the United States of America was on his way to give a congratulatory speech on the factory floor of our neighbor, American Seating. He would be passing the OST office in Grand Rapids in 24 minutes and Dan was on a mission:

“You guys, we’ve got to get the Vice President to come try some of our cookies.”

To a company unaccustomed to pressure, this executive order might have been unfathomable. Yet OST prides itself on being innovative, meeting tough deadlines, and yes, even being a little bit quirky. Within mere seconds we had developed a plan to lure in Mr. Biden. With no time for cookies, we reverted to a classical favorite; we made a lemonade stand for the Vice President.

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