Why hosting an enrollment fair is crucial to the adoption of a new technology solution

23 Mar

What exactly is an enrollment fair? Why do we use them? Why are you reading about this on a technology blog? These are some great questions! Read on to get the answers and more!

Think of an enrollment fair as a type of mini conference booth. In its simplest form, the enrollment fair consists of a table, several laptops, and a friendly face behind the table. We use enrollment fairs to introduce end users to a new technology or process, provide some basic education, and ensure a great first impression for its users. So why are you reading this on this specific blog? Because OST highly recommends the use of these fairs to assist in the deployment of new technology!

Why do we want to have an enrollment fair? To answer that question, we should first diagram the basic steps to implementing and deploying technology within an organization (especially large healthcare or financial service organizations).

enrollment fair1

This may be a simplistic model but it is fairly accurate. In many organizations a problem is identified or the use case for the technology is identified. Then there is an evaluation process of technology providers/vendors to identify which specific solution will be used. Then the chosen solution will be deployed. Finally, the process concludes.

Do you notice anything missing from this model? Hint: Who will use this technology solution?

Answer: The end users!

Where is the user acceptance testing? Where is the information session? Where is training and education? The enrollment fair is a tool to help engage the end users to ensure a successful deployment and adoption of a technology solution.

That is so important that I’m going to repeat it in BOLD:

The Enrollment Fair is a tool to help engage the end users to ensure a successful deployment and adoption of a technology solution.

Stay tuned for part two next week to learn what goes into planning, executing and ensuring a successful enrollment fair.

Sr. Enterprise Virtualization Consultant

Sr. Enterprise Virtualization Consultant

Richard Maloley is a Senior Consultant within the Enterprise Technology Services group at Open Systems Technologies. In this role Richard focuses on managing large scale transformational projects with a focus on end user computing technologies. Richard has been a consultant for 4 years at OST and worked in-industry prior. With a passion for people Richard approaches customers and projects with a people-first attitude in order to positively change and improve the relationships within an organization.



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