Seeking the Non-Obvious Insight

21 Oct

I was hiking in the Redwood forests in Northern California last year, when I saw a flash of violet in the dense green that if the most overwhelming color in the temperate rain forests.  I looked at the underside of the sorrel plant, and saw the remarkable shade of purple.

It was non-obvious.  And only available for those that were making the effort to inspect the underside of what is common.

How do we create value in a world where so much of the world’s knowledge is available via Google?  Where the understanding of configuration and technology is no longer the exclusive parlance of the technological cognoscenti?

I tell our team that our job is to offer the non-obvious insight.  To use our knowledge and experience and wisdom to offer up substantive information that cannot be obtained through a simple search.  To take orthogonal subjects and show how they inform one another.  To demonstrate that we have read and have learned to the point of mastery, where what we do is so second nature that it appears to be easy.  Our IP is not necessarily in a product that we sell, but in the way we can offer predictable, high-quality results even when we are doing something that has never been done quite this way before.

We will expose people to things that are useful and important that they did not know.

We will provide insights and understanding using multiple disciplines and deep technical knowledge.

And we will take the time at OST to look in the non-obvious places for ways to generate value for our employees, partners and customers.

In a forest of green we will show them where the purple is…

Originally posted on LinkedIn.

Jim VanderMey, Chief Innovation Officer, OST

Jim VanderMey, Chief Innovation Officer, OST

Jim VanderMey has served as VP of Technical Operations, CTO and now Chief Innovation Officer for OST. Jim has provided the technical leadership and product strategic planning for the organization since the very beginning. Jim is a technology visionary who sets the long and short-term direction for OST. He specializes in seeing the “big picture” of technology, industry trends and the business objectives supported by IT. As OST has gained an international reputation, Jim has taught and spoken at conferences in Europe, Japan, and throughout the US. Lastly, we must confess that some of OST’s peculiar culture is a direct derivation of Jim’s unorthodox style.

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