Fun Facts about OST

20 Oct

OST Day of Refection – Celebrating What We Have Accomplished Over the Past Year   

Does it feel like you are constantly running hard, giving it your all, and when you finally finish a project you jump onto the next one without ever celebrating what you have just accomplished?  It seems like most of us are like that in our personal lives and in our work lives, and OST is no exception.  So we decided to designate a day, Friday, October 3, as a day for us all to reflect back on the past year and all of our success.  It was a normal workday except that we decoded to spoil ourselves with great food, massages, shuffleboard, and more throughout the day.  It is an overused phrase, but we wanted each of our employees to be able to take the time to “smell the roses” and savor their accomplishments.

At OST, we take great pride in our culture. There’s something special about OST – and its people. Over the year, the OST family has crossed some interesting milestones – some remarkable, some just fun.  As part of our OST Day of Reflection, we asked our different teams to provide interesting and fun facts and figures, which were then presented in a digital presentation that ran throughout all of our offices the entire day.

Take a look at some of our favorites:

OST Names

There is a 47.5% chance you share your name with someone else at OST.



Clock Hero

The ERP team has traveled 293,848 miles across the globe this past year to better serve our clients.



Managed Services

Managed Services handled over 14,000 high severity issues through monitoring since September 2011. They also currently manage 2,423 servers and 2.4 petabyte of storage, hold 342 certifications, and hold 6.4 billion records of data in their analytics data warehouse. Members of the Managed Services team have also been woken up in the middle of the night 1,192 times in the last three years.




Operations consumes a daily average caffeine intake of 4,631 mg.




OST has been written about in over 126 articles.




OST has received & sent over 1,164,000 emails this year (outside of OST).




The OST family has grown by 58 employees in the past year.




The OST family has grown more than by its employees, but by its babies/grandbabies. 18 new babies/grandbabies were born into the family in the past year




Over the year, we have had over 11,000 cans of pop.



March Madness-33

The security team has cracked over 3,000 passwords in the past year.




So far this year, OST Staff have sent 562,800 instant messages.




We’ve had over 834 pounds of candy (which includes 375 pounds of peanut M&M’s)



The sales team has lost over 73 golf balls during golf outings in the last 12 months.

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