OST London: Open for Business

17 Feb
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OST London

After many nights dreaming of fish ‘n chips and pints of Boddington Ale we have established an official location in the United Kingdom!

On December 1st, 2013, we decided it was time to take a trip (one-way) at the request of one of our multi-national clients and open up shop.

Although expanding into another country has its difficulties – from opening a limited corporation, to creating distribution channels for re-selling HP, Cisco and Dell products – the expansion into London is a move we’ve been planning for the past two years.

At OST London we offer everything from managed IT services, data center solutions, architecting, virtual desktop infrastructure, cloud design services to even hardware reselling. We have also recently become an authorized reseller for HP, Cisco and Dell in the UK. We’ve just completed our first order and it looks like another is not far behind!

Dan Behm, President of OST, believes that “having a global presence will make OST even more desirable to our existing enterprise accounts, and it may be a part of what attracts new multi-national companies to do business with us.”

We’re hopeful the next 12-18 months will be a blast – from the English Breakfasts and rides on the London Eye to the anticipated $10 million in revenue.

Above all, however, what makes this such a neat experience is being able to bring our unique culture with us – one that values its employees and their families first. As Dan always says, “If our focus is on our people first, then we get the kind of people who focus on our clients. Then the rest comes.”

If you’re ever in the area, stop by. We’d love to chat and have coff.., wait, I mean tea. See, we’re learning?

Our office is just southeast of Robin Hood Gardens and just north of the River Thames, at 1 Paul Julius Close, Blackwell Yard, Blackwell Way E14 2EH.

We are really excited about this expansion and look forward to doing what we do best! #WeLoveThisStuff

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