Going Paperless

16 Mar

Legal Copy Services is a company that dealt with a lot of paper (emphasis on a LOT…). While they were a small company, thumbing through files and searching through stacks was still manageable.

However, as the company grew, Legal Copy Services began to have problems storing and managing such mass quantities paper.

Enter the OST Application Development team, heroes in the world of enterprise technology solutions. They were able to do away with the forest of file cabinets, compiling all that information onto one screen. This new program consolidated and organized Legal Copy’s intellectual services saving them time and money and stopping them from having to hire more employees in the short-run.

But we didn’t stop there. A major component of our Application Development team is the business strategy and architectural consulting practice.  Led by App Dev principal Brian Anderson and Senior Consultant Matt Brickner, OST recommended some changes that greatly improved internal efficiency.  In fact, Matt himself actually set up shop in the Legal Copy offices, at a desk smack-dab between the CEO and Operations Director. This method allowed for an unparalleled level of communication between vendor and client.

So what happened when all the jumbled paper finally settled? (which is just a poor idiom now since all that information has been uploaded into secure databases.) Well, Legal Copy Services has become an even more efficient and effective company, they’ve been able to hire the employees at a healthy rate and, thanks to the new tools they were equipped with, they were able to grow their business.

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